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Shop online and get FREE delivery throughout T&T, or visit our showroom in Macoya on Mon-Fri, 9am - 3pm.
Shop online and get FREE delivery throughout T&T, or visit our showroom in Macoya on Mon-Fri, 9am - 3pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there! Welcome to our FAQ section where we answer questions that we think you may be thinking! 


I thought you guys were a Facebook/Instagram store? Can I still place my order on those platforms?

We started up with Facebook and expanded to Instagram so have no fear because we have no intention of leaving them. You can still place your orders on those platforms :) 

Nice!! So then what's the point of a website?

Well a website gives us the opportunity to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible. Products are easy to find, descriptions are more detailed and completing your purchase is as simple as possible. Also, we'll be adding new features all the time and releasing deals that you can only get by checking our website, so stay tuned!

Sounds good...but I liked getting answers to my questions from you guys while shopping on Facebook/Instagram. Will I be able to do that on the website?

Yep! Just look for the green WhatsApp icon on the left side of the website. If you are browsing on a mobile device, tap the icon, then WhatsApp will open up to begin the chat. If you are using a desktop or laptop, click the icon, then WhatsApp web will open up and you can follow the instructions from there to begin the chat.

You can chat in the same way getting all the answers needed to feel satisfied with your purchase. It's available from Mon-Fri during 8:00AM - 7:30PM. After those hours, send us a message on Facebook/Instagram and we'll respond the following day.

Do I really have to open yet another online account to shop with you?

Actually, no you don't. You can login using your Facebook, Gmail or Amazon account. Or if you really love our store, you can create an account with us. We promise you won't regret it :) If you create an account with us, you'll be the first to know about discounts, new products and any promotions we may have. 

Okay you've convinced me. I just placed my order. When will it arrive? 

Wow, that was quick...Thanks for the order! As soon as we receive it on our end, a customer service rep will contact you within 24 hours via email/phone/WhatsApp to schedule your delivery date. Meanwhile, take a look at our delivery schedule to have an idea of when your package may arrive. 

Oops...I made some errors on the Checkout page. What can be done to fix it?

That's no problem at all. As mentioned before, we have to contact you via phone/email after you've placed your order so if you have any corrections to make you can let us know then. 

Is your returns & warranty policy the same as before?

Yes it's essentially the same but we made it a bit more detailed. Head over to our Returns & Warranty section and check it out. 

I'm a bit skeptical about putting my information online. Is my personal data safe with you?

Yes and we made sure to do all that is necessary to ensure that it is. Click here to find our certifications and daily testing metrics that seek out any security compromises on our website. Also, check out our Privacy Policy page to get more info about the way we use the data entered into our website. 

Okay you guys seem legit but do I have to pay before I receive my item?

We understand that some of our customers may be new to the online shopping world and would like to see their items before paying so for situations like that, we offer payment with debit (Linx / VISA Debit) or credit card (VISA / Master Card) on delivery. Otherwise you can make your payment on our secure website.

Wait, so no cash on delivery?


You sure?


I don't think I can wait a day or two for my delivery...I have a baby shower to go to tonight!

No prob! If you need an item sooner than your scheduled delivery time, you can choose the Pickup option at checkout. Check out our pickup schedule to see our available times.

Sooo...I kind of want to cancel my order...

That's okay :) But please let us know as soon as possible. Head over now to our Contact Us page or message us on Facebook or Instagram. If your order already left our warehouse, we can still make arrangements so that the delivery personnel don't have to go to your location.  

I liked my experience shopping with you guys. Can I leave a review somewhere?

Of course! Head to our Facebook page and select the Review section from the menu. We would really really appreciate it if you do :D 

I actually have a few more questions but I see you guys have no more answers.

Well we can't think of everything :p So if you have any other question, comment, suggestion and/or feedback (even critical) you are welcome to submit them on our Contact Us page or, as mentioned before, select the green WhatsApp icon on the left side of the page.


Thanks for visiting our store and happy shopping! :)