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Lamaze Salty Sam Clip & Go (L27514)

by Tomy
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[OFFICIAL LAMAZE EDUCATIONAL TOY] The Octopus plush promotes baby's sensory development and encourages manipulation. Stimulate their curiosity with the different sounds, colors and textures !

[BABY AWAKENING TOY] This awakening plush is designed with experts for the motor and sensory development of babies. Its colors will stimulate their eyesight, while the textures will help develop their touch.

[PERFECT BIRTH GIFT] Ideal baby gift for birth lists. Baby's senses will be alert wherever you take their multicolored octopus plush.

[CLIP PLUSH TO TAKE EVERYWHERE] Take your 'Clip and Go' plush with you on every trip. Grab baby's attention by tying it to the crib, stroller, or park bars.

[MOTOR DEVELOPMENT AND VISUAL STIMULATION] This interactive toy with its colors, its patterns, its mirror of discoveries, its textures and its noises (bells, sounds of crumpled paper) will help baby stimulate his visual, hearing and motor skills.

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