Postpartum Belly Band

by Preggy Plus Essentials
  • 15%Polyester/70%Neoprene/15%Nylon
  • Strong velcro closure
  • Helps to return stomach to pre-pregnancy size
  • Can be used for fitness activities
  • Supports lower back and improves posture during breast-feeding
  • Breathable & stretchy mesh fabric, easy to clean, suitable for c-section and vaginal birth
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Helps you get your body back to its former post childbirth, helps shrinking belly, Prevent organs/skin from sagging; Relieve pain; Helps ease transition of uterus; Accelerates postnatal healing
  • Built-in bone design helps to prevent the belly band from rolling up when you sit or move
  • Hand-wash, cold

The belly bands come in four sizes, based on your waist size just before pregnancy, and work best when used during the first 12 weeks after both a normal or C-section delivery.

  • Small: 24-28 inches
  • Medium: 28-34 inches
  • Large: 34-46 inches
  • Extra Large: 46-50 inches

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