Janod Chunky Puzzle - 7-Piece Colorful Wooden Marine

by Janod
  • This wooden marine puzzle is designed to encourage visual perception skills, dexterity and problem-solving skills all while enjoying imaginative play which is what makes this puzzle fun. Product size 11. 8 x 0. 8 x 8. 3 inches.
  • 7 piece puzzle set. 3D pieces, thickness of 1,5 cm- includes: 3 fish, 1 Shark, turtle, crab and octopus. Lift the pieces up from the puzzle and role play about exploring the ocean.  Each piece is unique in the way a child will play. Engage your child in dialog about different ocean animals and their habitat.  Listen to them learn, improve their language skills and discover the joy of imaginative play.
  • 18 months old - 3 years old

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